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A Work In Progress

Audience of whomever may stumble on this site:

I wanted to let you know that this blog is happening, slowly but surely. Right now it’s a bit of a blank canvas. I’m still organizing and working out what I want to include where, which is difficult because it will be a reflection of me and my interests, and I have a lot of interests.

I do plan to address a few things with the site, however.

  • Thoughts on being a small-town coroner. This includes, but is not limited to, what people don’t understand about death, death investigation, and the dynamics of such work.
  • Interesting tidbits I have picked up during my job and training as a coroner/death investigator.
  • Making things.
  • Podcasts and other bits of media that I like and can hopefully re-promote.

Back to you soon.arch dig3